Custom UniTag Key Tags

Choice of Key Rings/Clips/Hooks

Blue Planet Security Logo Blue Planet offers custom produced UniTag Steelmaster type key tags. Tags can be printed on one or both sides. Tags are also available with RFID chips. Underlying tags are non-tear plastic sheets printed on a color laser. 10 mil. clear plastic is heat-sealed to both sides of the tag. The tags are completely plastic and there is no paper thus the tags are unaffected by water. The printing will never wear off. The hole for the clip or cable is additionally reinforced with a brass grommet attached under pressure. The tags are cut on a hydralic press and have smooth edges and rounded corners. The tag will never wear out and the keys will not come off.

Example of UniTag These tags are ideal for heavy use over a long period of time. Tags are available with RFID chips. A convenient key tag management program for PC/ios/android will shortly be available. We will also have a custom key return cabinet that automates the return and check out of keys.

Tags are available singularly, and with Master Tags and/or Key Checkout Tags.

The minimum order is only 16 tags. The minimum order with RFID Chips is 100 tags.

Tags are available with your choice of Spring Snap Hooks, Key Slip Rings or your choice of our 4" or 6" stainless steel cables. 6" stainless steel cables are available plain, with clear vinyl, or a selection of plastic coatings in various colors including blue, green, red, black, yellow and white. Use different cable colors to identify key rings.

Custom UniTags are less than $3.00 each in small quantities and less than $5.00 each with RFID Chips. Master Key Tags and Key-Out Tags can be added at less than $1.50 each. RFID key fobs can be added to key rings at lower cost if you don't need the RFID concealed inside the UniTag.

You can also use our Universal Key Return System for a nominal fee (starting at only $9.95) which provides privacy and requires only a minimum amount of information on the tag. Do you really want the name and location, or other tracable information on your key rings. Don't invite burglary, property damage or place your employees at risk.


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