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STOP! Do NOT Copy or Duplicate the keys on the keyring attached to this tag. Although there is no specific criminal statute in most states requiring locksmiths or businesses with key making machines to respect keys or tags that say "DO NOT COPY", there is CIVIL LIABILITY. Tags have this URL on them: "" thereby provide a legally effective notice and warning.

If the keys you are copying are used for criminal purposes, by ignoring this legal warning, you and your business entity become responsible for any theft, property damage, personal injury, trade secret theft (a federal tort) and other injury resulting from the illegal use of the keys. You also become liable for -- at minimum -- a negligence tort and possibly an intentional tort which allows actual and punitive damages.

We are confident that you, your family and your business have far more assets to attach and far more to lose than the individual asking you to copy keys on a keyring with our DO NOT COPY tag. In addition to being sued for compensatory and possibly punitive damages, you will also be faced with attorney fees, court costs and other damage to your business. Keep in mind that no insurance policy covers intentional torts nor can damage awards be discharged in bankruptcy.

All IP addresses and other information of all visitors to this page are permanently logged.

Clients will conduct civil discovery and the IP address which is assigned to an ISP/Cable or other company will be legally required to identify the customer it belongs to. Direct testimony will also establish liability.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and Blue Planet Security Corporation will fully cooperate with clients whose keys are improperly duplicated and will provide affidavits for summary judgment and other legal assistance to obtain a civil judgment against you and your company.

Customer Support: 305-897-2593 or 305-394-3439 or in the U.S. Toll Free 1-800-511-9147.

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