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Ultimate Durable High Security Key Tag Systems

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In addition you can make use of our Universal Key Return System.

Secure-KEY Tags are ideal for school districts, large businesses, transportation fleets and can be customized with a logo, bar codes, and your contact information. It is also ideal for city, county bus, school bus and other transportation fleets to control keys. Get tags with separate serial numbers, or pairs of serial numbers, or in any other configuration. Contact us for a quote. Or just buy our stainless steel key rings like other cities have already done.

The tags printed paper area are 1" x 1.5". The heat sealed plastic tags provide a 1/8" border for an overall size of 1.25" x 1.75". They can be printed in color or black and white. Use colors to organize your tags or indicate access area or security level. Tags can be produced in different colors and with different color eyelets. Various color plastic coated stainless steel cables are available. Tags are available with RFID tags built-in, or with separate RFID key fobs on the keyring.

The photo (left) shows 50 tags of an order for 500 numbered custom tags and 500 plastic coated cables in 5 colors for the administration building of the School District of Collier County (Florida). The back side of the tags contains contact information for the return of lost keys. Custom tags are available for only $1.65 each in quantities of 500. Quantities of 25 or more are available.

Stainless steel cables are available in different lengths and thickness. Plastic coated 6" cables (1.5mm thickness) are available in black, yellow, red, blue, green and white. See our selection of cables at The tags can also be used with standard key slip-rings and other types of attachments.

Larger tags (luggage, credit card and business card size) are also available with RFID chips, magnetic stripes and/or bar codes for master keys. We can also produce slotted rack-style key tags for access control systems and cabinets. These can include embedded RFID chips.

What the Competition Offers

The key tags offered by the competition are plastic, mostly identical to the customer reward tags you are given by retailers. The plastic will end up breaking at the attachment hole as there is only a thin piece of plastic there. The decorative side of the tag is well coated and will survive for a couple of years. However, the important side with the registration number, barcode and contact information is printed and coated with a thinner layer of ink and lamination as it passes through a high speed press. That layer will begin to wear off in less than a year. Once a barcode is damaged, the tag is worthless. Only Secure-Keys has 10 milimeters of hard plastic protecting the paper tag on each side and will survive daily use for many years.

Do Not Copy
Do Not Duplicate
Key Ring Tags

Do Not Copy key tags

Click photo for more information about our "Do Not Copy" "Do Not Duplicate" Key Ring Tags.

The attachment hole is protected by an aluminum/brass eyelet. Grommets, which have backing washers, are also available for an even stronger attachment hole. We can make the tags stronger still by using highly durable (Avery 6725) plastic non-tear sheets rather than paper. We recommend the plastic sheets for wet or very humid environments. Many options are available to suit the customer's needs.

150 bagged key tags for customer Key tags are attached in numerical order (quantities of 50) to one of our stainless steel cables and delivered in vacuum-sealed plastic bags .

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